The store closing panacea

There has been a strong and growing narrative that the single smartest thing a struggling retailer can do is to close stores and, in some cases, a lot of them. I first touched on this nearly three years ago in my post "Shrinking to prosperity: The store closing delusion." There is no question that, in … Continue reading The store closing panacea

My top blog posts of 2016

As has become an annual tradition--and despite my nearly six month hiatus--I present my most popular blog posts from this year.  I am the captain now  A few inconvenient truths about e-commerce  Sears: The one thing that could have saved them  Quitting is underrated  Umm, so why aren't your sales better?  Pure play e-commerce's fantastic … Continue reading My top blog posts of 2016

Coffee is for closers

Coffee may be for closers, but that's about all the rewarding we should do. The relentless focus on transactions, conversion rates and closing statistics is well past its expiration date. Sure you could get married on a first date, but I'll wager that's not the best idea. Today the shift must be toward building relationships--and that … Continue reading Coffee is for closers

Retail’s big reset

It's been happening for a few years now, but the pace is accelerating. Retailers waking up to the reality of a slow or no growth world. Retailers beginning to understand that if you don't garner share of attention, you have little or no shot at share of wallet. Retailers starting to comprehend that it's not about … Continue reading Retail’s big reset

This time it’s personal

A book that I read more than 20 years ago fundamentally changed my perspective on business overall and marketing in particular. Peppers and Rodgers "The One to One Future" embedded in my psyche the notion that knowing more about your customer than your competition was a critical component of competitive advantage. And before long "treat different … Continue reading This time it’s personal