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Compelling, creepy, annoying or just bad? Retail’s personalization opportunity

It's hard to believe it's been over 20 years since Martha Rodgers and Don Peppers' seminal book The One to One Future. At the time, Dr. Rodgers and Mr. Peppers (not to be confused with Mr. Rodgers and Dr. Pepper!) offered up the radical notion that mass, one-size-fits-all marketing would begin yielding to a brave new one-to-one… Continue reading Compelling, creepy, annoying or just bad? Retail’s personalization opportunity

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With Cyber Monday behind us, the real holiday shopping season begins

As I wrote last week, the noise around Black Friday and Cyber Monday is mostly a bunch of hype. Both days represent a relatively small percentage of total holiday sales, and are even less important when you consider their contributions to profits given the amount of discounting that occurs. Moreover, there is little evidence that a "good"… Continue reading With Cyber Monday behind us, the real holiday shopping season begins

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Unsustainable Customer Acquisition Costs Make Much Of Ecommerce Profit Proof

As much attention as both the growth and disruptive nature of e-commerce receives, few observers seem realize that often the economics of selling online are terrible (what I often refer to as "the inconvenient truth about e-commerce"). The fact is only a handful of venture capital funded "pure-plays" have (or will ever) make money and most are… Continue reading Unsustainable Customer Acquisition Costs Make Much Of Ecommerce Profit Proof

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I am the captain now 

For a long time brands had the upper hand. The purchase funnel was relatively straight-forward. Media channels were few and generally well controlled. The consumer's access to product and pricing information was limited. Distribution channels were highly disciplined. Communication was largely one-way. Marketing plans were often drawn up just once year and any changes required… Continue reading I am the captain now 

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I see dead marketers

I see dead marketers. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dead. Marketers who behave as if customers care about channels. Marketers who continue to push average products for average people. Marketers who value efficiency over effectiveness. Marketers who think they can price cut their… Continue reading I see dead marketers

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Dating the wrong customers 

In most industries, the smart marketer wants to cultivate long-term, enduring relationships with her customers. For most of us, the end-game, best case scenario is to create customers for life--or for at least a very long time. Imagine if, however, in our personal lives, we had a strong desire to get married, but we only went… Continue reading Dating the wrong customers 

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Send in the clones

How's this for an idea? Let's sell products that are pretty much identical to everything else that's already out there in the market. And then let's employ advertising that is virtually indistinguishable from our competition. Every week we'll have big sales--and if you're really crafty, you can use our coupons to save even more! Sign-up to… Continue reading Send in the clones

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Who’s it for? How are they persuaded?

I sometimes get asked why marketing is so complicated these days? At one level, I agree with question's premise. The world is noisier all the time and the distracted consumer is the norm. In virtually every category competition is intense and the number of ways to reach consumers is seemingly infinite. Acquisition costs are rising.… Continue reading Who’s it for? How are they persuaded?

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The ecosystem of connection

We probably all realize that we are going through a connection revolution. For many of us, scarcity of information, choice and access has given way to an abundance of stuff. The connection economy means we live in an era where we are literally one or two clicks away from nearly everything and everyone almost anytime… Continue reading The ecosystem of connection

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Confusing the facts with the story

Perhaps you believe that people are rational and that when faced with compelling data, logically presented, they will inevitably move toward your way of thinking. Perhaps you think that facts are all that should matter, that facts magically rise above mere opinion or prevailing sentiment, that facts are morally superior to emotion. Perhaps when your argument isn't carrying… Continue reading Confusing the facts with the story