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Steve Dennis

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This begs the question: “In the age of Amazon, Alibaba and digital disruption, is retail dead?”

The truth is that retail is not dead. Boring, mediocre and undifferentiated retail is dead.

  1. Is it possible retail trends will disrupt your business more profoundly and sooner than you think?
  2. Is it possible your organization is not changing or responding quickly enough?
  3. Is it possible that without making immediate changes your organization may not survive?

The problem is that we often think we have time.

Your business needs to adapt strategically, become more agile and do so quickly. Steve helps you assess and prioritize what needs to change and accelerate how you shift your vision and business model to create remarkable results.

Meet Steve

Steve Dennis is a strategic advisor, keynote speaker, and bestselling author. His latest book–Leaders Leap: Transforming Your Company at the Speed of Disruption– explores why so many transformations fail and what leaders must do to get their organizations back on the road to relevance.

During a storied and diverse career as a C-suite executive at two Fortune 500 companies–and most recently as a consultant and member of several boards–Steve has worked with dozens of brands to accelerate their journey to remarkable results.

As a sought-out keynote speaker, Steve has delivered inspiring talks on six continents, sharing his provocative and unique perspectives on what it takes to reignite customer growth in a world of constant change and shifting customer preferences.

Steve is the President of SageBerry Consulting. Prior to founding SageBerry, he was the chief strategy officer for the Neiman Marcus Group, where he also led the company’s customer insight, loyalty, and omnichannel marketing efforts. He is also a Forbes senior contributor and co-host of the Remarkable Retail podcast, which amplifies the themes of his first book, Remarkable Retail: How to WIn & Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption.

Steve received his MBA from Harvard and a BA from Tufts University.


"The Store Operations Council enjoyed every minute of Steve's presentation on retail's future. He always keeps it real and speaks the language of retail experts."

Cathy Hotka

Cathy Hotka & Associates

Store Operations Council


"Dennis lays out a roadmap for companies to use to navigate today’s rapidly changing environment."

Steve Sadove

Former chair and CEO

Saks Inc


"Our attendees loved Steve Dennis’ refreshing frankness and his ability to deliver a “tell-all” to help others succeed in becoming remarkable in retail."

Sonya Ruff Jarvis

Managing Partner, Jarvis Consultants


"If you need a speaker that truly understands not only the historical picture of retail but also who has a rock-solid understanding of its future, Steve Dennis is absolutely the speaker you need. He was by far the highest-rated speaker at our event."

Johne F. Albanese

VP, Corporate Marketing, Hooker Furniture

"Steve Dennis dovetails his practical experience with original, visionary, and honest frameworks for strategically and tactically breaking through the real world challenges retailers face in the modern era."

Brendan Witcher

Vice President and Principal Analyst

Forrester Research


Experience How Steve Helps Organizations Create Customer-centric, Memorable and Profitable Growth Strategies.

Lead Your Organization’s Growth to Remarkable Retail

Which option will drive the best results for your organization?


An objective, fast-paced view of retail trends, disruptive forces and case studies highlighting what retailers must do to thrive and win in the age of digital disruption. Steve guides the audience through a comprehensive and pragmatic framework to assess and prioritize what they need to change to succeed in a customer-first era.


Steve advises retailers, manufacturers, investors, technology companies and other firms serving the retail industry on the future of retail. Leveraging his extensive experience across a wide spectrum of categories, customer segments, distribution formats and organization size, he creates powerful new growth platforms and helps accelerate their implementation.

Remarkable Retail 2021 Book Cover


How to Win & Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption

In this expanded and completely revised 2nd edition of his bestselling book, retail industry veteran and thought leader Steve Dennis dissects the seismic shifts brought about by digital disruption and a global pandemic, while providing a provocative, pragmatic guide to reignite growth.