Reigniting growth in the age of digital disruption

Steve’s reinvention framework, illuminated with inspiring case studies, provides retail leaders and their teams a powerful way forward in the ever-changing world of industry disruption.

Steve Dennis

Leading Global Retail Influencer
Keynote Speaker & Consultant
Senior Forbes Contributor
Best Selling Author, Remarkable Retail

“30% of all US retail CEOs fear that their company could be out of business within 36 months.”

Consumers are more distracted than ever – deluged with information and overwhelmed by choice. How do you amplify your brand’s signal amidst all the noise?

  1. Do you have a ‘too many stores’ problem or a ‘not enough brand relevance’ issue? What is an alternate path to reigniting profitable growth beyond closing stores and cutting costs?
  2. Your brand lives wherever the customer has access to their smart devices. Have you broken down silos to deliver a harmonized customer experience anytime, anywhere, anyway?
  3. If failure is not an option, then neither is success. How should you take more intelligent risk, catalyze innovation and build a culture of experimentation?

Responding to fast-paced retail disruption requires you to prioritize a shift in vision and strategy. Steve guides you through a practical framework to create and execute a more remarkable and profitable customer experience.

Source: Global retail trends: Third fear going out of business within 36 months, Net Imperatives, May 24, 2019.

Meet Steve

Steve Dennis has over 30+ years of experience as a strategic advisor, board member, general manager and C-level executive at two Fortune 500 retailers. He has worked with dozens of retail, luxury, technology and social impacts brands to inspire, catalyze and design more remarkable and profitable growth strategies.

Steve’s signature “tell is like it is” style and ‘8 Essentials of Remarkable Retail’ framework makes him one of the industry’s most in-demand thought leaders. He has delivered keynotes, led management workshops and consulted across six continents, sharing what it takes to win and keep customers in the age of Amazon, Alibaba, and digital disruption.

He is also a senior contributor to Forbes magazine and his insights are regularly featured in the media including Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, CNBC, CNN, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, amongst many others.

“If you need a speaker that truly understands not only the historical picture of retail but also who has a rock-solid understanding of its future, Steve Dennis is absolutely the speaker you need.
He was by far the highest-rated speaker at our event.”

Johne F. Albanese

VP, Corporate Marketing

Hooker Furniture


Those with a vested interest in the future of retail and who seek to be leaders, catalysts, game-changers, evangelists and challengers of the status quo.


Customized 30 – 60 minute interactive experience. Leveraging 30+ years of retail experience and his signature “tell is like it is” style, Steve deconstructs:

  • What’s going on in retail today.
  • What really matters right now.
  • How to create customer-centric memorable and profitable growth strategies.

Keynote Topics

  • Remarkable Retail: Winning In The Age of Amazon & Digital Disruption.
  • Omni-channel is Dead: The Future is Harmonized Retail.
  • Physical Retail: Definitely Different, Far From Dead.
  • Retail with Soul: Human-centered Retail.

Experience How Steve Helps Organizations Create Customer-centric, Memorable and Profitable Growth Strategies.


"The Store Operations Council enjoyed every minute of Steve's presentation on retail's future. He always keeps it real and speaks the language of retail experts."

Cathy Hotka

Principal, Cathy Hotka & Associates

Store Operations Council


"Steve’s in-depth retail experience and perspectives came across at every phase of our speaking engagement with him, ultimately providing our audience of diverse retailers with provocative insights. Steve is a true pro and pleasure to work with!"

Alison Raffalovich

Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Revionics

Insight 2019


"Our attendees loved Steve Dennis’ refreshing frankness and his ability to deliver a “tell-all” to help others succeed in becoming remarkable in retail. "

Sonya Ruff Jarvis

Managing Partner, Jarvis Consultants


"If you need a speaker that truly understands not only the historical picture of retail but also who has a rock-solid understanding of its future, Steve Dennis is absolutely the speaker you need. He was by far the highest-rated speaker at our event."

Johne F. Albanese

VP, Corporate Marketing, Hooker Furniture


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Remarkable Retail 2021 Book Cover


How to Win & Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption

In this expanded and completely revised 2nd edition of his bestselling book, retail industry veteran and thought leader Steve Dennis dissects the seismic shifts brought about by digital disruption and a global pandemic, while providing a provocative, pragmatic guide to reignite growth.

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