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I am the captain now 

For a long time brands had the upper hand. The purchase funnel was relatively straight-forward. Media channels were few and generally well controlled. The consumer's access to product and pricing information was limited. Distribution channels were highly disciplined. Communication was largely one-way. Marketing plans were often drawn up just once year and any changes required… Continue reading I am the captain now 

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I see dead marketers

I see dead marketers. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dead. Marketers who behave as if customers care about channels. Marketers who continue to push average products for average people. Marketers who value efficiency over effectiveness. Marketers who think they can price cut their… Continue reading I see dead marketers

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n = 1

I see dead marketing. Strategies deeply rooted in average products for average people. Campaigns that haven't answered the fundamental question: "who's this for?" Promotions desperately (and pointlessly) trying to out-Amazon Amazon. Programs that reek of me-too-ness. It's never been a good idea to promulgate the undifferentiated, the uninteresting, the irrelevant. But today that nonsense will get… Continue reading n = 1

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Confusing necessary with sufficient

We're told we have to embrace all things omni-channel, yet Macy's and Nordstrom, two of the acknowledged leaders in this arena, have yet to move the dial much on market share and profitability. We're told we have to digitally enable most dimensions of our business, yet Sears, which has been a pioneer in many aspects… Continue reading Confusing necessary with sufficient

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A dim signal amidst the noise

We've all been taught that successful brands need a unique value proposition and that we must craft a distinctive positioning. And certainly most organizations spend a lot of time honing their business models and churning out sales programs and marketing campaigns designed to one-up the competition and compel the customer to choose us. But what if hardly… Continue reading A dim signal amidst the noise

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Everyone, anyone and the cluster of someones

It seems perfectly okay to hope that everyone and anyone would agree that compassion and fairness are essential values to espouse. Just about everyone and anyone might even be a sensible target market for Amazon or Walmart. For the rest of us, that way of thinking is certain to drive us into a ditch. As… Continue reading Everyone, anyone and the cluster of someones

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Why go to the store?

There are some who think that most brick & mortar stores are eventually going away and that e-commerce can have a compound annual growth rate of 15% until the end of time. To which I answer, "don't be silly" and "of course not." There are many powerful reasons for physical retail locations to exist. In… Continue reading Why go to the store?

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Some customers

One of the more amusing moments of my time at Sears was when our newish CEO insisted that we stop referring to our customers as "him" and instead say "her." This was meant to underscore the need to reinvigorate our apparel business and identify women as the most frequent decision-makers for our softline categories. While there was… Continue reading Some customers

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Batch, blast and hope

No, batch, blast and hope is not the name of a personal injury law firm. It is, however, a realistic description of all too many marketing campaigns these days. Despite all the talk about deep customer engagement, increased relevance and enhanced personalization, the sad reality is a huge percentage of direct mail and email marketing… Continue reading Batch, blast and hope

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No customer wants to be average

It's only when our experience is terrible that we'd settle for average treatment. But what customer truly wants to be average? Most of the time, we hope brands know us, show us they know us and show us they value us. And to do that, companies need to break out of a one-size-fits-all paradigm. It's not… Continue reading No customer wants to be average