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A very mobile Christmas?

It's no secret that mobile is becoming increasingly important in consumers' shopping journeys. Retail brands as diverse as Target and Neiman Marcus have alluded to the pivotal role that digital plays in driving both their online and physical store sales. And of course when we say "digital," often we mean mobile. In fact, for many retailers, mobile is becoming the front… Continue reading A very mobile Christmas?

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Retail’s Single Biggest Disruptor. Spoiler Alert: It’s Not E-commerce

There is no question that the retail industry is under-going a tremendous amount of change. Record numbers of store closings. Legacy brands going out of business--or teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Venture capital funded start-ups wreaking havoc upon traditional distribution models and pricing structures. Discount-oriented retailers stealing share away from once mighty department stores. And,… Continue reading Retail’s Single Biggest Disruptor. Spoiler Alert: It’s Not E-commerce

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Retail’s new front door

In a "brick & mortar first" world, retailer's embraced the old adage: location, location, location. Once the site was determined, a lot of time and money went into the design of the store--with a particular emphasis on making it as strong a magnet for consumer traffic as budget and inspiration would allow. Then the visual… Continue reading Retail’s new front door

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As the channels evaporate . . .

By now, it should be readily apparent that a very large--and growing--percentage of customers bounce back and forth between digital and physical channels when shopping. By now, it's obvious that the exploding usage of mobile devices is blurring the distinction between e-commerce and bricks & mortar. By now, we should understand that, in fact, it's… Continue reading As the channels evaporate . . .

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Innovating to parity

Let's face it, most traditional retailers aren't very good at innovation. There is no such thing as an R&D budget at most of them. Many barely even have any real process or tangible goals centered on bringing new things to market. Labeling your typical large retailer "reactive" when it comes to innovation is being generous… Continue reading Innovating to parity

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Merge ahead

More and more, your web presence is the front-door to your brand, not just a sales channel. More and more, mobile, and all things digital, blur the lines between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar. More and more, your channel-centric thinking--and organization, metrics, incentives and budgeting--are becoming barriers to meeting the customer where she is. More and more,… Continue reading Merge ahead

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The shopper genome project

No doubt you've heard of The Human Genome Project--the effort to decode our species by identifying and mapping all of our genes. Ultimately it's an effort to better understand what makes us tick, from both a functional and physical standpoint. As a business or brand leader you have a similar challenge when it comes to… Continue reading The shopper genome project

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Learning to harmonize

Let's face it, nobody's likely to be happy to hear you join Mumford & Sons on stage--or Crosby, Stills & Nash if you are old like me--to belt out a few tunes together. But that's just some incredibly unlikely scenario. What's much more real is the need to harmonize in your business. Your brick and… Continue reading Learning to harmonize