Ally, bystander or critic?

Once our intention is set toward making change in this world--and we start actually doing the hard, uncomfortable work--it's typically not very long before we encounter resistance. There is the capital R Resistance that Steven Pressfield talks about, where our own fear of failure or looking stupid is the dragon we must slay. Then there … Continue reading Ally, bystander or critic?

Watering dead flowers

Many of us seem to be praying to a god of unending, unrelenting perseverance. If your social media experience is anything like mine, it's not long before some form of never-give-up-ism hits your timeline. Then, most often, that person's followers pile on with a hearty "you go girl", #staystrong or encouragingly pithy aphorism ("it's only … Continue reading Watering dead flowers

It always comes down to turnout

As the US goes to the polls today, it really doesn't matter whether one identifies as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or whatever. Whether we prefer Beto or Ted, Andrew or Rod, Stacey or Brian means precisely nothing if we don't go vote. It turns out that our strongly held beliefs and eloquently worded arguments on … Continue reading It always comes down to turnout