The 3 things we cannot change

Despite our earnest wishes there are three important things we cannot change. The past. The truth. Another person. Sure, we can learn from our history. Yes, we need to be careful to separate facts from our often distorted perceptions. Of course, people can evolve. But never through the sheer force of our will. Life only … Continue reading The 3 things we cannot change


Deep down many of us seek fame. Constant attention. Mass adoration. Approval on a grand scale. We get attached to the notion that our worth can be measured in breadth, not depth. Clicks and likes, over connection and intimacy. We try vainly to be "friends" with everybody, before we make friends with ourselves. Our heart … Continue reading Famous

Stay. Stay. Stay.

The amygdala is sometimes known as the "lizard brain." It's more or less a holdover from prehistoric times and its role is to activate our primal survival instincts such as aggression and fear. When we are faced with a perceived threat, it can reflexively kick us into "fight or flight" mode. Sometimes--typically when we get overwhelmed … Continue reading Stay. Stay. Stay.

The way we vote

A lot of people will be going to the polls today.  But most won't--and not because they aren't holding elections in their community. Voter turnout is ridiculously low in many parts of the country, particularly in local elections. And that means those that actually show up have disproportionate influence. Of course we get to vote … Continue reading The way we vote