Watering dead flowers

Many of us seem to be praying to a god of unending, unrelenting perseverance. If your social media experience is anything like mine, it's not long before some form of never-give-up-ism hits your timeline. Then, most often, that person's followers pile on with a hearty "you go girl", #staystrong or encouragingly pithy aphorism ("it's only … Continue reading Watering dead flowers

It always comes down to turnout

As the US goes to the polls today, it really doesn't matter whether one identifies as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or whatever. Whether we prefer Beto or Ted, Andrew or Rod, Stacey or Brian means precisely nothing if we don't go vote. It turns out that our strongly held beliefs and eloquently worded arguments on … Continue reading It always comes down to turnout

Out of ignorance or fear?

There are all sorts of reasons we stay stuck, fail to take action on the things we tell ourselves really matter, spin on items big and small. Whether it's deepening (or ending) a personal relationship, finishing our book, quitting a soul-crushing job or starting that new business we keep talking about, there is an aspect … Continue reading Out of ignorance or fear?

That which we worship

“What people revere, they resemble, either for ruin or for restoration.” - Greg Beale The word "worship" most often has a religious connotation. But we can revere, adore, exalt, venerate and glorify many things beyond whatever concept of a Higher Power we have (or don't). We can worship money. We can worship being right. We … Continue reading That which we worship