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Is IHOb a big nothing burger?

The teasing announcement that IHOP (the brand formerly known as the International House of Pancakes) would change its name to IHOb sent the interwebs wild. In the days leading up to what some seemed to take as earth-shaking, potentially vortex-shifting, news speculation was rife as to what the "b" stood for. Bacon? Breakfast? Burrito? Bohemianism? Blockchain?… Continue reading Is IHOb a big nothing burger?

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This is not for you

I recently received a comment from a reader of this blog that said "if this is going to get political, I'm moving on." He was apparently referring to a shot I took at Trump supporters in one of my posts which, I'll now admit, I regret. I regret it not because it was off point… Continue reading This is not for you

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Pander express

Are we experiencing a pander epidemic? By now, we're used to marketers preying on our insecurities and making promises that we will be thinner, smarter, more attractive to the opposite sex or whatever it is we don't like about ourselves. Yet the gap between the hype and the reality seems to be growing. By now, we've come to… Continue reading Pander express

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The road to your brand

When the customers you wish to acquire and grow think about your brand is there a closeness and connection that instantly arises, or do they see it as far off with the road to relevance marred by potholes and other sources of friction? Are they moving closer or drifting farther away? Do you even know?… Continue reading The road to your brand

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Creating meaning at scale

In case you haven't noticed, there is a whole lot of bifurcation going on. And in many markets, the middle is all but collapsing. At one end are the Walmart's, the Home Depot's, the Amazon's--the low price, vast assortment guys. Their pitch is easy to understand. We have just about everything you could possibly want, virtually… Continue reading Creating meaning at scale

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The ecosystem of connection

We probably all realize that we are going through a connection revolution. For many of us, scarcity of information, choice and access has given way to an abundance of stuff. The connection economy means we live in an era where we are literally one or two clicks away from nearly everything and everyone almost anytime… Continue reading The ecosystem of connection

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Sorry, no carnitas

Due to a shortage of "responsibly raised" pork, many Chipotle restaurants have been out of carnitas for quite some time. In fact, at their location near me, they have a sign prominently displayed on the outside door that reads "sorry, no carnitas." Now in the scheme of world problems this is hardly a crisis. And because… Continue reading Sorry, no carnitas

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Confusing the facts with the story

Perhaps you believe that people are rational and that when faced with compelling data, logically presented, they will inevitably move toward your way of thinking. Perhaps you think that facts are all that should matter, that facts magically rise above mere opinion or prevailing sentiment, that facts are morally superior to emotion. Perhaps when your argument isn't carrying… Continue reading Confusing the facts with the story

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Stories that lead to a brand

Don't get me wrong, it helps to start with a plan. And as someone who helps organizations accelerate their growth, I'd definitely encourage you to work hard to define your brand promise and nail your positioning. But despite your well intended efforts to envision your desired outcomes and strategize the building blocks of your glorious marketing… Continue reading Stories that lead to a brand

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You can’t own ‘discount’

As we enter the holiday season, retailers are already guns ablazin' with sales and promotions. Like all price wars, this will end badly for just about everybody. Spoiler alert: if you don't have the lowest cost position you can't win a price war. Now don't get me wrong, I get that promotional marketing is part… Continue reading You can’t own ‘discount’