Being Remarkable · Customer Growth Strategy

Relevance-light models are now retail’s big problem

So-called "asset-light" business models, where a company has relatively few capital assets compared to the overall size of its operations, have drawn increasing attention (and investor dollars) in recent years. Think Airbnb, Uber, Snap and many other essentially digital-only brands. The concept isn't new. Brand licensing and many hotel management and franchise-based businesses have employed… Continue reading Relevance-light models are now retail’s big problem

Being Remarkable · Innovation

How many more minutes Dad?

I was standing outside my Mexico City hotel waiting to meet up with my client when a young couple and their 4 year old kid emerged from the lobby. The dad was staring at his phone when his son asked "how many more minutes Dad?" And no sooner had the words left the young boy's… Continue reading How many more minutes Dad?

Brand Marketing · Loyalty Marketing

Overestimating loyalty

Let's get a few things straight. Just because someone is a member of your loyalty program doesn't make them loyal. Just because a customer takes advantage of loyalty program discounts or redeems reward points doesn't mean they are loyal either. Just because your brand is a consumer's preferred choice is not a reliable indicator of… Continue reading Overestimating loyalty