Retail at the precipice

Some have called it the retail apocalypse. Others refer to it the great retail meltdown. And while hyperbole is the best thing ever, these pronouncements serve as better clickbait than sound analyses. Worse, it makes it sound like every retailer is struggling and that physical retail is doomed. Nevertheless, it's hard to ignore the dramatic rise … Continue reading Retail at the precipice

Working on the wrong problem

When we see a brand struggling--or we find ourselves working within a flailing or failing organization--the first order of business should be clear. We need to understand the root causes. Once we've become keenly aware of what's driving our problem--and accepted the reality of the situation--we are then ready to move into developing and launching … Continue reading Working on the wrong problem

Easy to measure, not all that useful

For a long-time the retail industry has focused on same-store sales as the primary measure of a retailer's success. This ignores the fact that a brand can drive a sales increase through excessive promotions and completely destroy profitability. It fails to recognize that we can teach consumers to become promiscuous shoppers and have them show up in … Continue reading Easy to measure, not all that useful