Stay. Stay. Stay.

The amygdala is sometimes known as the "lizard brain." It's more or less a holdover from prehistoric times and its role is to activate our primal survival instincts such as aggression and fear. When we are faced with a perceived threat, it can reflexively kick us into "fight or flight" mode. Sometimes--typically when we get overwhelmed … Continue reading Stay. Stay. Stay.

Eventually we’ll see it (or maybe not)

How many times have you witnessed (either as an observer or employee) organizations embark on a path that almost certainly will end in disaster, yet they forge ahead anyway? How can they be so wrong-headed we wonder? How often have you watched as a friend or loved one engaged in seemingly destructive behavior, but the … Continue reading Eventually we’ll see it (or maybe not)

Holy stuckosity Batman!

"Stuckosity" isn't a real word. It can't even be found at Urban Dictionary. Well, at least not yet. But certainly most of us are familiar with the quality of being stuck. Perhaps you're feeling it right now. We get stuck telling the same old stories about ourselves that are familiar, but serve no useful purpose. … Continue reading Holy stuckosity Batman!

It’s easy to vote ‘no’

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” ~Pema Chodron It's rarely the case that organizations utterly lack new ideas or things to try. They just get voted down most of the time. Many of us when confronted with change are quick to find fault with moving ahead. It might not work. … Continue reading It’s easy to vote ‘no’

Shut up and play the hits

Maybe you've been to the famous comedian's show where by far the biggest laughs come from the bits you've already seen him do on Fallon. And Kimmel. And YouTube. And his five year old Netflix special. Maybe you've excitedly gone to hear that marketing guru at a big industry conference and grown weary and uninterested … Continue reading Shut up and play the hits