The new retail ecosystem: NRF edition 

For quite some time, we've thought about stores, catalogs and the internet as distinct shopping entities. Today the blended channel is the only channel. For quite some time, we've run our retail businesses as a loose affiliation of vertical departments and systems. Today we see that brands are horizontal and that silos belong on farms. … Continue reading The new retail ecosystem: NRF edition 

Retail’s new front door

In a "brick & mortar first" world, retailer's embraced the old adage: location, location, location. Once the site was determined, a lot of time and money went into the design of the store--with a particular emphasis on making it as strong a magnet for consumer traffic as budget and inspiration would allow. Then the visual … Continue reading Retail’s new front door

When the shift hits the fan

Shift happens. And it's never been more expansive and dynamic. The shift from brick & mortar to e-commerce. The shift from "going online" to living online. The shift from traditional media consumption to a digital first model. The shift from silo-ed customer experiences to harmonious ones. The shift from highly intentional shopping to more spontaneous … Continue reading When the shift hits the fan