This might take a while

Certainly the world is moving at an increasingly faster pace. Clearly we have seen transformative new business models seemingly come out of nowhere to supplant industry incumbents. Without a doubt, traditional sources of customer loyalty are being challenged in a rapid onslaught of ever-expanding options and innovative marketing techniques. Yet, for many brands, it is … Continue reading This might take a while

The people who want to hear from you asset

Go to your customer database. Right now. I'll wait. Now ask yourself the following questions: How many of those people really want to hear from you? How many actually pay attention to what you are saying? Better still, how many eagerly anticipate getting your communication--Sunday circular, direct mail, e-mail, phone call, whatever--because they know it … Continue reading The people who want to hear from you asset

Profitless prosperity

Ah, the era of "profitless prosperity" is back. I still have my sock puppet to remind me of those once glorious times. Barely a day goes by now that we don't hear about a stratospheric valuation (actual or rumored) for some digital darling. From Facebook to Twitter to Groupon, it seems that unless your … Continue reading Profitless prosperity

Say my name, say my name

Recently I've been wondering how much Groupon would be worth if they could consistently send me deals for products that actually interest me and aren't an hour from my home or office. The potential for daily deals sites, mobile commerce applications and, heck, just about anything in your marketing plan is enormous. But when your … Continue reading Say my name, say my name