The outlet store long con

One of the hottest sectors in retail is the "off-price" or outlet segment. Established players like TJX, Ross and Nordstrom Rack continue to open stores at a solid clip while also expanding their e-commerce capabilities. Neiman Marcus, Saks and Macy's have identified their outlet store strategy as a growth platform. Scores of fashion designers and … Continue reading The outlet store long con

Don’t confuse members with customers

Thanks to the so-called flash-sales sites we now have a distorted definition of what being a member means. Before Gilt, RueLaLa and the myriad "private" e-commerce business wanna-bees, gaining membership in something typically meant you needed to actually do something more than have an email address and a pulse. By now it should be clear to … Continue reading Don’t confuse members with customers

Twitter’s birthday: Blow out the candles, step on the gas.

You probably heard that Twitter celebrated its 5th birthday yesterday. The flash-sales model pioneered in the US by GiltGroupe is about 3 1/2 years old. Groupon was founded in November of 2008, not even 2 1/2 years ago. While it remains unclear whether Twitter will go the way of a MySpace or a Facebook, it's … Continue reading Twitter’s birthday: Blow out the candles, step on the gas.

Competing with yourself

One of the biggest mistakes companies make strategically is failing to compete with themselves. The only reason Sears is no longer the leader in the retail home improvement industry--and now on a slow slide into oblivion--was their unwillingness to build or buy an off-the-mall response to Home Depot when they had the chance. Having personally … Continue reading Competing with yourself