“Channel Agnostic”: The Pathway To Customer-Centricity

Having spent the past ten years or so driving customer-centric growth and marketing strategies at places like Neiman Marcus, Sears and Lands' End, I used to say there were two types of retailers: those that embraced an integrated multi-channel model and those that operated in multiple channels, but treated the channels as largely independent entities. … Continue reading “Channel Agnostic”: The Pathway To Customer-Centricity

Why You Need a Customer Strategy. Stat!

My guess is that if I asked you to describe your organization's business strategy you could readily tell me about your target customer, the products or services you offer, how you go to market and why what you do is just so darn compelling. But what if I asked you about your customer strategy?  Could … Continue reading Why You Need a Customer Strategy. Stat!

Ruthless Experimentation: What Are You Afraid Of?

Part of any remarkable customer growth strategy is what I like to call "ruthless experimentation." Old timey, product centric growth strategy was all about the big reveal.  We spend months and months coming up with our bold new marketing plans and then--at this point, please pause dramatically--Ta-Da!--we see if (hope that?) the customer likes it.   … Continue reading Ruthless Experimentation: What Are You Afraid Of?

Seducing the “Promiscuous Shopper”

From my experience, every industry has customers that are not loyal to ANY brand.  I call these folks "promiscuous shoppers."  They have strange seductive powers.   They look so appealing--and what's more, when you show them a lot of attention, they are attracted to you, showering your brand with their business. In many cases, these customers … Continue reading Seducing the “Promiscuous Shopper”

Market Share Growth: Get in the Car and Drive

Market share growth is a long-term key to success. As growth becomes harder to come by, growing share of wallet is going to be answer for many companies. Having a compelling customer strategy is critical. Companies that don't have one need to get one ASAP. Companies that have one need to press their advantage.