Overestimating loyalty

Let's get a few things straight. Just because someone is a member of your loyalty program doesn't make them loyal. Just because a customer takes advantage of loyalty program discounts or redeems reward points doesn't mean they are loyal either. Just because your brand is a consumer's preferred choice is not a reliable indicator of … Continue reading Overestimating loyalty

Overplaying our hand

We're told to hyper-focus on our core customers. After all, doesn't most of our profit come from a small group of loyalists and "heavy-users"? We're admonished to double-down on our highest ROI marketing strategies. Surely if a moderate amount of email or direct mail or re-targeting is working, more must be even better, right? And … Continue reading Overplaying our hand

Defying gravity: The customer isn’t always right

GAP abandoned its new logo after just one week, caving into a sea of complaints on its Facebook page. Whatever you think of the new logo--I think it's pretty weak--or the way they handled the launch--in a word, poorly--the notion that customers get to vote on key strategy elements is fraught with danger. As someone … Continue reading Defying gravity: The customer isn’t always right