Steve Dennis delivers keynote presentations, leads strategic workshops and serves as an expert panelist/moderator on retail innovation.

As a Forbes contributor, top retail influencer and author of one of the industry’s most followed blogs, Steve leverages his unique perspective and 25 years of industry experience as a C-level executive and strategic advisor to major retail brands such as Neiman Marcus, Nike, Sears, Google and many others, to craft entertaining, inspiring and impactful content.

He has spoken at events on 4 continents, including ShopTalk, The Retailing Summit, as well for multiple trade associations. He has been a featured expert and innovation facilitator at internal corporate meetings for leadings brands such as Dick’s Sporting Good, The Ritz-Carlton, LL Bean and Visa, among many others.

Format and content can be customized to meet the unique needs of each event. Pricing will be provided upon request.

Example Keynotes/Workshops

“The Fault In Our Stores: Reinventing Retail For The Digital-First Era.”

“Thriving In A Digital-First, Omni-channel World”

“Silos Belong on Farms: Winning in the Omni-channel Blur.”


“WE-tail: The End of Mass, The Beginning of Us.”

“Do Not Cross This Line: The Truth About Innovation & Change”


Please contact steve@sageberryconsulting.com for more information.

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