Speaking & Workshops

Steve Dennis has delivered keynote presentations or served as a retail innovation and marketing expert at numerous industry conferences–as well as at internal corporate meetings–for brands such as Buxton, Dick’s Sporting Goods, IBM, LL Bean, JP Morgan, Nike, Ritz-Carlton and Visa.

He has also lectured or contributed to workshops on omni-channel retailing, digital commerce, loyalty marketing and luxury industry trends for a diverse set of groups including the DFW Retail Executives Association, SMU’s Cox Business School and the Wharton Baker Center on Retailing.

Example Keynotes

“The Fault In Our Stores”

“Digital-first Retail”

“Silos Belong on Farms: Winning in the Omni-channel Blur.”

“WE-tail: The End of Mass, The Beginning of Us.”

Please contact steve@sageberryconsulting.com for more information.

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