SageBerry Consulting

SageBerry Consulting, LLC helps senior management teams and investors assess, design and implement remarkable, customer-driven growth and marketing strategies, with a particular focus on omni-channel retail.  Leveraging extensive general management, strategy, new business development and marketing experience, SageBerry turns insight into action to drive compelling results.

SageBerry was founded by Steven Dennis, a leading authority on customer-centric growth strategy and a former senior strategy, business development and marketing executive at Neiman Marcus and Sears/Lands’ End.

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Our primary services include:

Growth Strategy

  • Omni-channel transformation
  • Consumer, competitive and industry analysis
  • Growth options development and assessment
  • Strategy articulation and implementation planning.

New Business Development

  • New concept assessment, design and implementation
  • Acquisition/partnership strategy, assessment and valuation.

Strategic Marketing/Customer Relationship Value Maximization

  • Consumer research and data analytics
  • Customer relationship management and loyalty programs
  • Multi-channel marketing programs

Investment/Mergers & Acquisition Support

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