Coffee is for closers

Coffee may be for closers, but that's about all the rewarding we should do. The relentless focus on transactions, conversion rates and closing statistics is well past its expiration date. Sure you could get married on a first date, but I'll wager that's not the best idea. Today the shift must be toward building relationships--and that … Continue reading Coffee is for closers

The upside of denial

Is there any? If your experience is anything like mine, you know how seductive denial can be. Denial is the temptress that helps us avoid pain. Denial keeps us in our comfort zone like a warm bath at the end of a long day. Denial creates the sense that defending the status quo is working … Continue reading The upside of denial

“I believe these words came from the Pokemon movie…”

We are overwhelmed by choices. We are bombarded by information. Winning the battle for our precious attention gets more difficult by the minute. Engage me from the outset, or lose the opportunity to build credibility, earn trust, cultivate a relationship. Get to know me, show me you know me, show me you value me. Rinse … Continue reading “I believe these words came from the Pokemon movie…”

“The List”

We all know that consumers are faced with a myriad of choices. And the continuing explosion of data and connectivity often serves to make the buying process overwhelming. This is why focusing on "The List" is critical. We all have our Lists. If I ask you what restaurants you are likely to consider for your … Continue reading “The List”

Will you miss me when I’m gone?

The retail graveyard is littered with once powerful brands that used to command strong market share and intense customer loyalty. The current retail scene is filled with brands in--or on their way to--the intensive care unit, as they struggle to re-ignite comparable store sales and reverse declining margins. Just this past week, former retail juggernaut … Continue reading Will you miss me when I’m gone?