The antidote to a tsunami of stuff

We live in a world of expanding choice. A world where--if we are fortunate enough to have the money--almost anything can be purchased from almost anywhere in the world almost anytime we want. With the smart phone as a growing (and often omnipresent) access point, the web provides the portal to nearly infinite information and … Continue reading The antidote to a tsunami of stuff

Send in the clones

How's this for an idea? Let's sell products that are pretty much identical to everything else that's already out there in the market. And then let's employ advertising that is virtually indistinguishable from our competition. Every week we'll have big sales--and if you're really crafty, you can use our coupons to save even more! Sign-up to … Continue reading Send in the clones

Pretending it’s new

When some leaders wake up to reality, when they slowly start to notice that things are in fact meaningfully different from how they were before, we often witness a self-absorbed, I've just found Jesus and I need to tell you all about it, kind of thing take over. "Consumers who shop multiple channels are more … Continue reading Pretending it’s new

Digital first retail

Many traditional retailers are already living in a "digital first" world. If your brand isn't quite there yet, it's likely only a matter of time--a short time. Digital first means that even if the customer ultimately buys in a brick & mortar location, their journey starts online. Digital first means that the primary way prospective customers … Continue reading Digital first retail

Epic battles of history: customer vs. channel

Because virtually all retailers have historically organized themselves around their sales channels, there is major conflict. Because customer data typically resides in silos, a mighty struggle exists to provide a holistic, customer-centric view. Because systems are not integrated, attempts to provide a seamless customer experience are fraught with friction. Because companies most often employ metrics … Continue reading Epic battles of history: customer vs. channel