This time it’s personal

A book that I read more than 20 years ago fundamentally changed my perspective on business overall and marketing in particular. Peppers and Rodgers "The One to One Future"¬†embedded in my psyche the notion that knowing more about your customer than your competition was a critical component of competitive advantage. And before long "treat different … Continue reading This time it’s personal

I see dead marketers

I see dead marketers. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dead. Marketers who behave as if customers care about channels. Marketers who continue to push average products for average people. Marketers who value efficiency over effectiveness. Marketers who think they can price cut their … Continue reading I see dead marketers

What’s the frequency Kenneth?

Every retailer can tell you about same-store sales. Most can readily quote their online conversion rates. Some can even dissect the composition of physical store visits (conversion rate, average transaction value, # of items per transaction and so forth). And, more and more, we're hearing about metrics such as the growing percentage of digital engagement … Continue reading What’s the frequency Kenneth?