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Your customers aren’t buying your products

I don't mean your customers are no longer buying your products. Because if they aren't buying from you anymore they are no longer customers. And that's a different blog post. I mean the main reason your customers bought from you in the first place--and the reason they continue to buy from you--isn't because you have the… Continue reading Your customers aren’t buying your products

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Are you done cutting those cookies?

In today's retail world there are a few truths I hold to be self-evident: Folks don't need or want much more stuff, so we had better not count on overall spending growing much, if at all. With just about anything available anytime, anywhere, anyway, competing on scarcity of information and access is no longer a… Continue reading Are you done cutting those cookies?

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Just about everything is noise

The overwhelming majority of the ads that are run are not the least bit relevant to any one of us. In fact, we've grown accustomed to skipping through them when we can--or simply tuning them out when we can't. Even a well-curated social media stream contains an awful lot of information that we couldn't care less… Continue reading Just about everything is noise

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My top ten posts of 2015

As has become a tradition, I present my most popular blog posts from this year.  Bleak Friday  Learning to surf  I see dead marketers  Omni-channel myths, distortions and, yeah, that's just silly  What if omni-channel is too expensive?  An end to omni-channel?  It's later than you think  Luxury retail's big stall  Sears: The world's slowest… Continue reading My top ten posts of 2015

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When the music stops

Somehow we seem to forget that in business the good times don't last forever. When the economy is strong, most decently run mature businesses thrive. For an earlier stage company, once it starts to gain traction, new customers come relatively easily and competitive forces are minimal. But there will come a time when the music stops.… Continue reading When the music stops

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An end to omni-channel?

I have a little confession to make. Despite my including "omni-channel" liberally in speeches I give, in the hashtags of my tweets and in my often shameless self-promotion of my alleged retail strategy and marketing expertise, I kind of hate the term. Here's why. First, it's hardly a new concept or a revelatory insight. I… Continue reading An end to omni-channel?

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The antidote to a tsunami of stuff

We live in a world of expanding choice. A world where--if we are fortunate enough to have the money--almost anything can be purchased from almost anywhere in the world almost anytime we want. With the smart phone as a growing (and often omnipresent) access point, the web provides the portal to nearly infinite information and… Continue reading The antidote to a tsunami of stuff

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In search of amplification

When you live in a cacophonous world, if you want to be something other than a dim signal amidst the noise, you need amplification. When consumers are inundated by a tsunami of marketing messages, much of which are virtually identical, you need amplification. When your default strategy is to lower your price, and you find yourself in… Continue reading In search of amplification