My top ten Forbes posts of 2018

As is my tradition, I start the year with a quick look back at the posts that got the most engagement in my role as a retail contributor for Forbes. Shockingly, none of the top ten were about Sears.

So here, in order of popularity, is the top ten.

  1. It’s just about time for full on panic at JC Penney
  2. Physical retail isn’t dead. Boring retail is.
  3. The ticking time bomb of e-commerce returns
  4. JC Penney goes back to the future. But it’s likely too little, too late
  5. Apparently these brands did not get the ‘retail apocalypse’ memo
  6. A baker’s dozen of provocative retail predictions for 2018
  7. Retail 2018: Now comes the real reckoning
  8. Is IHOb a big nothing burger?
  9. E-commerce may be ‘only’ 10% of retail, but that doesn’t tell the whole story
  10. Wayfair, StichFix and e-commerce’s scaling problem.

And some of you are old enough to get this reference because this list goes to 11

Nordstrom and retail’s growing urgency to re-think performance metrics

Best wishes to everybody for a safe, productive and purpose-filled New Year.

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