Our initial descent

When we let a wildly inappropriate comment go because we don’t want to make waves or embarrass the person who made it.

When we take a comment too personally and shift into argumentative mode because it’s more important to be right than to stay present and connected.

When we stay stuck in habits that don’t serve us because we’re afraid to fail or look foolish.

When we take any kind of short-cut at the expense of quality.

When we put others down because we’re not feeling good about ourselves.

When we defend the status quo even though we know we’re headed for a fall.

Our initial descent into tolerating bad actions is barely noticeable.

In the beginning, our acceptance of mediocrity can be undetectable.

Falling into the habit of ego protection (or inflation) can be subtle at first.

But what’s clear is our trajectory. And we’re headed down.

We get to choose whether we want to crash or soar.


One thought on “Our initial descent

  1. Having the aspiration to better ourselves is a great focus of our energy, but the other side of the coin is equally important. We must realize that we are all human and our nature takes us down the paths of jealousy, defensiveness and posturing. While we are loath to admit it, it is what makes us who we are. It’s not bad, it just is. When others adopt these negative actions, it is up to us to realize that there is a root to the why. Beyond being watchful of our own actions, helping others rise out of such habits ultimately helps us all.

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