Busy doing something close to nothing but different than the day before

Our challenge is not to stay busy. Frenzied, unrelenting activity is far from a guarantee of utility, productivity, purpose or meaning.

Our challenge is not to make sure that nothing on social media slips by unnoticed or without comment or an emoji. I’m fairly certain that you–and the world–are going to be just fine if you are not current on the Kardashians latest activity or fail to “like” your sister’s choice of restaurant.

Our challenge is not to continuously tweak or burnish some fantasized projection of ourselves. The internet has made it easy for us to be our own PR firm; to curate an image of who we want to be, rather than accept who we are; to passively consume rather than creatively produce.

It’s never been easier to stay busy, to buy into the illusion of progress because there is always something new or a bit shinier to capture our attention.

Our challenge, therefore, is to recognize when we fall into the seductive, often unconscious, trap of new day, same old stuff. To recognize the spinning, the distraction, the mere ego gratification.

And with that awareness we then commit to make a different choice.

The wolf that wins is the wolf we feed.




One thought on “Busy doing something close to nothing but different than the day before

  1. And the irony is, I validated your content with a re-tweet. 😉
    Look… there’s valid, relevant and brilliant stuff out there. *This* wolf is worth feeding. Thanks for the great post, Steven.

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