If you accepted the truth would you change your mind?

Regular prices at many retail stores are fictional and we only pay them if we are naive or careless. Still we pat ourselves on the back for how much we saved during the last big sale.

We choose the salad at the fast food joint when the burger is actually the healthier option.

Most products at outlet stores were never sold through the full-price channel, yet we feel good about how we’ve out-smarted the system by shopping there instead of at the mall.

We stay in relationships we suspect aren’t good for us, but we don’t probe deeply enough to get the answers that would confirm it–and ultimately compel us to make a change.

We vote for politicians whose deeds don’t line up with their creeds or whose actions are objectively grounds for disqualification.

An entire hugely profitable industry exists around the idea of “hope in a jar”, despite few beauty products actually working. And most of the really expensive ones don’t perform any better than the cheap drugstore versions.

It’s not a new idea that emotion frequently trumps logic. We often buy the story before we buy the product.

Maybe we’ve entered a post-fact era?

Maybe we can’t handle the truth?

It’s one thing to be ignorant and blissfully unaware, harming no one or yourself.

It’s another to challenge ourselves to understand how denial serves us when the stakes are quite a bit higher.






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