And so this is Christmas…

It doesn’t matter to me one bit whether the story that’s been told through the ages is literally true. In fact, you can most definitely put me in the highly doubtful camp.

For me, the heart of the Christmas story is the birth of an idea. An idea that today seems increasingly radical–the idea that humanity can be “saved” through compassion, love and hope.

For me, Christmas is the story of a Middle Eastern family seeking refuge, and being met with generosity. And what could be more timely and relevant?

For me, it’s a reminder that whether we label ourselves Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist (as I do), Agnostic or whatever, what ultimately matters is not what we call ourselves or what creeds we espouse or what particular book we turn to–or don’t.

What matters is our common humanity. What matters is how we show up, how we live, what we actually do.

And so this is Christmas..and what have we done?

Here’s one small thing I did. I donated to The Compassion Collective, an organization that is standing on the side of love in a time of fear. I hope you will join me.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but–thankfully–I’m not the only one.

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