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I recently received a comment from a reader of this blog that said “if this is going to get political, I’m moving on.” He was apparently referring to a shot I took at Trump supporters in one of my posts which, I’ll now admit, I regret. I regret it not because it was off point or untrue, but because it was far too easy and obvious.

To be fair, while this blog is mostly about retail innovation, strategy and marketing, I often drift into my broader world view of leadership and spirituality. Regardless of where my musing takes me, it’s always been my goal to be authentic and to speak to issues I care about. It’s never been my goal to appeal to everyone. And, frankly, I don’t do some of the things that would grow a larger but decidedly less engaged audience.

When I ask myself “who is this blog for?” I’m comfortable with the answer that comes back. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact I’ve decided that it won’t be. And if it’s not for you, that’s okay. So happy trails, my friend.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do for our brands –personal and otherwise–is to get crystal clear on who/what we are and who/what we are not. By doing so we make an intentional choice to not cast a wide net, to deliberately chase some people off, to cause some folks to say “I don’t get it.” There is great power in our confidently owning our “this is not for you” position.

Consider for a moment that restaurant that started out as Greek or Chinese or maybe only serving breakfast, but when business gets soft, they start adding things to appeal to a wider audience. Any chance they had to be unique and remarkable slowly gets diluted. Before long, they stand for absolutely noting. Before long their fate is sealed.

Rarely have the greatest artists quickly garnered wide followings. Many never did. Their relevance and importance remains undiminished. Few people “got” Picasso or Pollock early on. Upon hearing Coltrane or Mingus for the first time, most folks thought they were either weird or profoundly untalented.

Of course these eventual legends could have strived to broaden their appeal, they could have worked to smooth out the edges or stay in the realm of the more familiar. Thankfully they proudly stated “this is not for you” and forged ahead, working to deepen their craft.

It’s worth remembering that when we try to serve everything, we end up serving nothing.

When we try to please everybody, we end serving no one.




3 thoughts on “This is not for you

  1. Thank you Steve….I appreciate that you reveal your humanity and persuasions beyond business. I think it adds credence to your wisdom in that realm. I have been enriched by your columns and want to affirm exactly what you do. Irene Mylan

  2. Hi Steve

    Generally, I like to read your blogs and for the record, you are right to comment on Trump, he is an abombination 🙂 plays to the lowest common denominator and certainly, is not a fit candidate for the American Presidency.

    Whilst I’m writing, I would be grateful if you might forward an outline of your consultany work.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

    Kind regards, Joan

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