A post-fact era?

We buy products that we know don’t work, but that support a narrative about a hoped for self.

We select the fancier–and much more expensive–version of something in a vain attempt to chase image over substance.

We pursue the latest bright and shiny object with no data and no analysis because that’s where the crowd is moving and we want to appear relevant.

We tell stories about others that have little or no basis in reality out of fear, anger or desperation–or a frightening mix of all of the above.

We support candidates who tout demonstrably untrue accounts because they tap into deeply rooted frustration.

Yes, we buy the story before we buy the product.

Of course, emotion often trumps purely rational thinking.

And it clearly would be wrong to say intuition doesn’t matter.

But are we really entering a post-fact era? Can we possibly be okay with that?

Facts may not do what we want them to, but we ignore them at our own–and society’s–peril.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to call “BS”. The best place to start is with ourselves. And the best time is right now.


h/t to Steve Schmidt and David Byrne

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