One of the more beautiful and inspiring moments amidst the horrific tragedy of the Paris attacks was the spontaneous willingness of the city’s people to open their doors to anyone who could not get home–or who simply needed refuge–during a night of unimaginable terror and chaos. This movement was captured by the Twitter hashtag #ouvrelaporte. “Open the door.”

To stand on the side of love, to trust, to open the door to a complete stranger when the world is literally blowing up around you, takes tremendous courage. Yet, at the same time, it is also the most basic, the most simple, the most human thing we can do.

So, for me, it’s terribly sad to see how often, when we are confronted by hate, so many of us reactively move to close our doors, our hearts and, it would seem quite literally, our borders.

And it’s unconscionable that overwhelmed by our simple mindedness and fear we would paint those who are different from us with a broad-brush and seek to condemn and isolate them.

As we enter a season that, for many, celebrates the story of two Middle Eastern refugees who get turned away by the heartless, it’s hard not to see the irony.


H/T to Oliver Willis.







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