I see dead marketers

I see dead marketers. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dead.

Marketers who behave as if customers care about channels.

Marketers who continue to push average products for average people.

Marketers who value efficiency over effectiveness.

Marketers who think they can price cut their way to prosperity.

Marketers who don’t get that today’s battle is for share of attention.

Marketers who believe that the same irrelevant and unremarkable promotions will work if they just shout them louder and more often.

Marketers who relentlessly flog one-size-fits-all programs instead of embracing a treat different customers differently strategy.

Marketers who believe they are ultimately in control.

Mass marketing is dying, as are its stubborn adherents.

It’s the end of mass and the beginning of us.


8 thoughts on “I see dead marketers

  1. Joe Talcott

    Hi Steve
    Good thoughts.

    But the first seven stanzas of your requiem apply equally to the age of mass media. In that regard the ‘dead’ have always been walking the halls of marketing.

    (you might have a look at editing the line that starts with “Marketers who relentlessly”)


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