Away from or towards?

There are times when we’re just standing or sitting around literally without any real direction in our thoughts, feelings or actions. But most times, if we’re honest and aware, we do have leanings, we do possess strong opinions. And the road we are on may not always be completely clear, but it has a most certain vector.

Is it a path away from or toward compassion and justice?

Is it one that embraces innovation or runs from it to defend the status quo?

Is the destination a place of tolerance, respect and inclusion, or a rejection of it?

Do we see prudent risk as a means of growth or is it our enemy?

In our most important relationships, are we turned toward each other committed to build understanding and connection and work through our vulnerabilities, or have we pivoted away out of fear or self-righteousness.

There are only a few values that really matter, that advance our humanity, that bring us together, that move us all forward, that fundamentally heal the world.

Whether we have complete clarity on all that isn’t the point. Nor is doing it all perfectly.

Knowing which direction we are headed most certainly is.

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