Who wins a battle of escalation?

It seems simple enough if we want to win, right?

You have low prices, I’ll have even lower prices.

You have a big advertising budget, I’ll make mine massive.

You shout loud, I’ll shout louder.

You call me a dumb-ass, I call you a loser.

You have a gun, I get more and bigger guns.

You attack me, I attack you.

We’ve done it so much, for so long and so unconsciously it must work right? I mean the data must be pretty compelling, no?

The winners in price wars are consumers, not the brands or investors who start them.

The winners in a marketing pissing contest are the people pushing the creative and selling the media.

The winners in an arms race are the folks making the weapons.

Just about everywhere else the losers are our sense of decency, connection and humanity. And the collateral damage should not be under-estimated.

One thought on “Who wins a battle of escalation?

  1. I swear we should shake hands because you’re one of the very few people I’ve encountered who shares this philosphy. Provide something of great value and defend it instead of discounting it.

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