Our place among the righteous 

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m right. A lot. A scary percentage, in fact. It’s freakish.

Don’t believe me? Just check out my Facebook feed. Climate change, racial injustice, same-sex marriage rights, the Confederate flag, gun control reform, the clown car of Republican presidential candidates; you name it, I’m on it. And with just the right blend of moral outrage, witty sarcasm and re-postings from The Onion.

There’s also a pretty good chance my spirituality is superior to yours because, well, there is this thing called science and I’m not afraid of it. And while the rest of you swim in your sea of hypocrisy and try to sort out why God’s plan sometimes includes plane crashes, church shootings and finding the perfect match for you on ChristianSingles.com, I’m safe in my cocoon of Zen-inspired and New Age aphorisms.

Now, at the risk of overkill–and securing my place in the pantheon of moral superiority–I feel compelled to tell you what an awesome driver I am. How anyone manages to stay sane, much less alive, amidst the idiots that the State grants a driver’s license to, I cannot fathom. Regardless, given my extreme competence, it is my civic duty to point out each and every mistake made by drivers who fall short of the ideal.

My corrective plan of action includes a sustained horn blast, a hearty “can you believe this moron” (uttered whether I am with someone or alone) and, depending upon my mood, a gesture that some would call rude, but I see as extremely constructive feedback. After all, if I don’t do it, who will?

A careful reader–and really why wouldn’t you be?–will notice that given the current sorry state of the world, more and more of every day is being consumed with bouts of indignation and sentences that begin with “if only they would…”

This means that those of us with savant-like ability to discern and lift up all that is wrong in the world are just getting busier and busier. And while, just speaking for myself, I have become more proficient at re-posting highly illustrative memes and the like on social media sites, I still feel like my work is never done. And you may have noticed that those of us engaged in this work are rarely, if ever, thanked for it. If only people would be a little more appreciative.

Now, despite the never-ending work, the ineptitude to be endured and the appalling lack of gratitude for all the highly focused cynicism, I take a certain measure of solace knowing that my place among the righteous is secure. Well at least for now.

If anyone actually does any work to eradicate the things I’ve so graciously called their attention to I might have to find a different hobby.

But until then, you know what they say: “Point out the change you wish to see in the world.”

HT to Aaron White for inspiring this post.

3 thoughts on “Our place among the righteous 

  1. THIS! This is the finest SPD post in recent memory, a fabulous riff, true at so many levels.

    Thanks, Steve.

    You’re right and you’re awesome.

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