Something bigger to believe in

You’ve got hand it to Santa’s marketing team. Kudos to his agency as well. And the chubby fella is totally killing it on social media.

Now, to be fair, his whole back story is more than just a little suspect. EVERY home in the world in just one night? Flying reindeers? What if I don’t have a chimney? And how exactly does he know if I’ve been naughty or nice? The big guy must have legions of ex-CIA and NSA’ers working for him. That sounds expensive. Just what IS his revenue model anyway?

Notwithstanding an often shaky narrative, and more than a few holes in the story, the mythology of St. Nick lives on and on. Santa abides. And why?

To be sure, there is a great deal of history and habit. But stripped of all the hyper-commercialism, the Santa story elevates us, provides hope, delivers joy and takes us outside of ourselves. It’s not merely about the pros and cons, comparing features and benefits, getting the lowest price.

The Santa story works because it gives us something bigger to believe in.

Kind of like any great brand.


Whatever holiday you celebrate (or don’t), I hope you experience the peace and joy of the season, and join me in extending compassion to those less fortunate than we are.

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