Escape velocity

In physics, an object’s escape velocity is the speed needed to break free of a planet or moon’s gravity and leave it without the need for further propulsion.

In business, understanding escape velocity is critical as well. There is a point when a brand’s positioning starts to gel, when enough of the early mistakes are in the past and when the underlying economics become clear. There is that critical moment when the obsessive core starts to coalesce and remarkability begins to work powerfully in a brand’s favor. Formerly insurmountable challenges start to fade. Customers (and capital) become abundant.

While randomness and serendipity pervade virtually all situations, it’s not terribly difficult to glean what has to be true for any brand to achieve escape velocity. Still many companies fail to do it.

For some, they are too busy putting out the daily fires to take the time to think it through. For others, perhaps there’s a subconscious fear that the analysis will reveal the futility of their current efforts.

Yet finding the time and the courage are crucial. The gravitational forces of the marketplace are powerful. And only the competition wins when a brand crashes back down to earth.


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