We may not be right for you

Bessemer Trust, a leading private wealth management firm, ran an ad in today’s Wall Street Journal with the headline “we may not be right for you.”

In the copy below, they briefly state that they are not trying to be the biggest but, for the right type of customer, they strive to be the best.

Think about how few brands have the confidence to not only make such a statement, but to act on it.

Think about how few brands even have a clear understanding of who their core customers really are, what their profitability is and how to best engender their loyalty.

Without a clear customer-centric growth strategy and the willingness to treat different customers differently, all too often brands find themselves supremely unfocused in a desperate and often frantic quest for top-line growth.

Embracing the notion that “we may not be right for you” seems risky when, for many, it is precisely what they need.

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