The truth is undefeated

Every day–and virtually every minute if you spend much time on social media–we are bombarded with half-truths, relentless hyperbole, jaundiced spin and flat-out lies.

Much of this is driven by plain and simple ignorance, as the ongoing “debate” between scientists and “creationists” sadly illustrates.

A lot stems from people believing what they want to be true. If you are against big government, you think Keynesian spending programs kill jobs. If you dislike Obama, then it seems clear to you that he was born in Kenya and is a Muslim, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Sometimes, attachment to our selfish interests causes us to lose sight of what’s really going on and hyper-control and manipulation consume our attitudes and behaviors.

Other times, our fears keep us in denial of reality. Confronting a failed relationship, pivoting from a business strategy that has run its course or letting go of habitual behaviors that no longer serve us, requires complete awareness of the truth, radical acceptance of the new reality and a willingness to take action, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

If you are in a battle against facts you don’t like, or clinging to hoped for victory over someone or something just to assuage your ego, you are engaged in a fool’s errand.

If you are afraid to face the harsh reality of a universe that doesn’t always conform to your world view, spoiler alert: facts are stubborn, facts are cruel, facts don’t do what you want them to.

It may take more time than we like. It may be a rocky and painful road to get there. It may not be what we think we want or need.

But eventually, no matter how hard we fight, in the battles that matter, the truth is undefeated.


HT to Gary Vaynerchuk.

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