You say you want a revolution

There are a lot of things I say I want to see changed. About the world. About myself. About you, if I’m honest.

I’ve shared with friends, in these posts, and to just about anyone who will listen, my exhortations about innovation, leadership, new ways to market, my desire for a more compassionate universe, the urgent need for creative solutions to societal problems and so on.

I’m often that annoying guy who posts motivational sayings on Facebook or Twitter and I regularly share inspiring stories of transformation or enlightenment. I’ve rarely met a Buddha quotation I didn’t like.

I say quite a bit. I’m not always so good at the doing part. And chances are neither are you.

It’s so easy to take the moral high ground from the cocoon of social media, by hiding behind religious doctrine or through verbalizing our strongly held beliefs over a glass of wine with friends.

Easy. Safe. Little chance of having to actually confront the real issues. Little chance of our looking foolish. Little chance of the discomfort from doing the actual hard work.

And no chance, really, of what we say making a damn bit of difference.

We say we want a revolution.

And yeah, we’d all love to see the plan.

But I’m finally starting to learn that beliefs are cheap currency. That knowing something is just the warming up part of the practice of doing. That planning is helpful, but very, very over-rated.

The world doesn’t have a shortage of well-intentioned people. Awareness of our problems is rarely the scare commodity.

What we need is a lot more action. We need to take the plunge.

I hope you’ll join me.

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