Filter failure

In 2008 Clay Shirky reminded us that often our problem is not information overload, it’s filter failure.

Five years later, the sheer volume of bits and bytes continues to grow exponentially.  Yet our ability to make sense of it all, to glean useful insight, to find meaning amidst the data deluge, remains sorely lacking.

If most of your time is spent trying to collect more and more customer information without workable processes to deliver a highly relevant and differentiated customer experience, you’ve got filter failure.

If you complain about getting too many useless emails, or are burdened by a surfeit of pointless social media posts, you have filter failure.

If you find yourself lashing out in anger (or feel shame) when someone does something stupid that doesn’t concern you–or is simply not true for you–you are experiencing filter failure.

Before taking stuff in, make sure you’ve got the right filter.

Before chasing more, consider a better filter.

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