Who wins when customer-centricity and irony collide?

You tell us our call is very important and then put us on hold for 15 minutes and bounce us to three different CSR’s before resolving our issue.

You send us emails like this one I received today (actual excerpt below);

“My name is Lynn and I’m interested to know whether if (sic) you’d be in practice (sic) of purchasing marketing lists? We are one of the leading Database providers, specialized in Global Business lists, Email marketing, List cleansing, Appending, etc.”

Well, no, I’m not the least bit interested, but I’m kind of wondering why your powerful list generating capabilities didn’t allow you to figure that out before you e-mailed me in the first place?

Promises are nice, but actions are ultimately what matters.

Deeds not creeds.

When your intentions collide with irony, irony wins.

Every time.


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