Creepy sidewalk guy

The other day I was waiting to meet a friend on a busy Manhattan street corner.

I was killing time checking my emails when I heard a man to my right yelling something like: “Hey darling, you look so good, let’s go have lunch. What do you say, you and me?”

I turned to see a reasonably put together twenty-something beckoning a woman who apparently just happened to cross his path. Not too surprisingly, she seemed to be ignoring him.

Less than a minute later, the same thing happened. Again, an attractive young woman walked by and once again this Lothario of the pavement fought to get her attention and lure her with his intrusive offer. Again he was ignored.

My guess–and hope!–is that this guy’s pitch never works. Yet, he keeps trying it.

After all, what makes anyone thing that some stranger will want to start a relationship based on random interactions and irrelevant offers? Clearly it would make more sense to get to know the person better and interact in a way that reveals real interest, keen relevance and a desire to forge something for the long-term. And why would you keep repeating something that has no evidence of success. It all seems like a recipe to be ignored over and over again. Frankly, it smacks of desperation.

Which brings me to many brands’ marketing plans.

As “professional” marketers it may be easy to say we have nothing in common with the creepy sidewalk guy.

But we’re kidding ourselves if we think the reasons our messages are ignored are really any different.






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