Blurred lines

We can argue about which statistics you find most compelling.

Is it the percentage of customers who research online before buying in store?

Is it how much more valuable the multi-channel customer is versus one that shops in only one channel?

Is it the percentage of your customer base that makes a purchase in both store and e-commerce channels each year?

Perhaps you’ve done research where consumers have told you that they think brand first and don’t even know what the heck a “channel” is.

Or maybe it’s the dramatic growth in the use of mobile devices to research and transact that really grabs your attention?

At this point the details hardly matter. The lines between sales channels, customer touch-points and marketing media are blurring more and more each day. Fighting this is like fighting gravity.

Where the fight needs to occur is within your own organization, challenging the rigid lines of your technology, the way your customer data is structured, how your organized and how your teams are incentivized.

Becoming a truly customer-centric brand requires accepting the omni-channel blur, busting your organizational silos and committing to being completely and utterly channel agnostic.

Customer-centricity.  You know you want it.


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