Become a curve ball hitter

If you ever played baseball at any competitive level–as I did many, many years ago–you know that there comes a time when succeeding as a pitcher becomes less about throwing hard and more about mastering different pitches. In particular, you must learn to throw a curve ball.

Now I was never a pitcher (well, except for one brief shining moment at the age of 11. Glory days, yeah they’ll pass you by…), but as more and more pitchers figured out how to throw an effective breaking ball the implication for me was clear. I needed to learn how to hit it.

This took concentration. This took practice. This took perseverance. And along the way there were plenty of embarrassing times when I went down swinging, completely fooled by a pitcher’s improving delivery.

In your business you’ve probably noticed how quickly the world changes, how your competition continually ups their game, how what once worked well for you no longer gets the job done.

Here too the implication seems clear.

When life throws you more curve balls, you must learn to become a curve ball hitter.




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