Built for me (Part 2): Treat different customers differently

In my last post, I suggested that the most powerful brands elicit the feeling from their core customers that the business was designed around their unique needs and wants. That is was built for them.

This idea is a core tenet of strategic business model design. But it extends to tactical execution as well.

I’m hardly the first person to espouse the “treat different customers differently” mantra, but embracing it is essential to putting “built for me” into practice day in and day out.

Built for me can extend to how you deliver your customer experience. One size fits all approaches rarely yield superior customer service marks. When you don’t pay attention to–and act upon–my unique preferences, I’m less and less likely to return.

Know me, show me you know me and show me you value me.

Built for me should be a driving force behind just about any brands marketing strategy. More and more, mass promotion fails to move the dial or gives the illusion of prosperity when all you are doing is chasing sales with no potential to be profitable–or chasing customers with no potential for loyalty.

Leverage analytics and insight to deliver a progressively more personalized set of messages, offers and experiences.

There is no question that pursuing a built for me strategy introduces cost and complexity. But more and often than not, failure to embrace this path eventually leads to middling performance and consumers who are more than happy to take their business elsewhere.


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