If we’ve learned anything from Ron Johnson’s 17 month tenure at the helm of JC Penney, it’s that he and his new team could have benefited mightily from demonstrating greater humility.

All too often when conflict emerges among nations, families, teams or individuals, it’s a visceral need to be right that stands in the way of progress and compassionate connection.

If I’ve learned anything from my own journey during the past few years, it’s that I am at my absolute worst when I let my ego run the show. Defensiveness and self-righteousness are my enemies, not the solution.




A new way to connect.

It might be worth a try.

3 thoughts on “Humblr.

  1. Amen. We are all works in progress in life and in business. Often I have to remind myself of the way my Grandmother embraced The Golden Rule in all things.

  2. Another great post! thanks, Steve. I am amazed that he has held-on this long after running the place into the ground.
    He needs to read Kool-aid Rehab to ‘get real’ with business today….

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