Who cares?

Before you sit down to work on that business plan or send that tweet or gird yourself for the big sales pitch, maybe it’s worth spending a bit more time focused on one question: “who cares?”

Of course, one way to think about it is whether it’s the least bit important or relevant at all.  The world will probably be fine not seeing one more Facebook post along the lines of “so excited just got the cutest ballet flats ever!”  And frankly nobody really needs to see that Instagram of what you had for dinner.

More substantively, however, is taking the time to really zoom in on each word in the question.

First, getting real clarity on the “who.” Are you crystal clear on the customer(s) or audience(s) for your product or service?  Not just in some pithy, simplistic, high-level demographic view, but in a way that meaningfully differentiates the customer types whose attention you wish to command and whose specific wants or needs you intend to address in a compelling and unique manner.

Then it’s all about “cares.”

If you aren’t resolving a compromise I know I have–or addressing a want to need that I can connect with in powerful way–I’m not likely to listen in the first place.

But even if you get my attention for a moment, I won’t stay engaged if you I’m not inclined to care in the first place.


One thought on “Who cares?

  1. Here, Here. Well said. I have been working with a group on the re-branding of the area that we live, supported by the local council but ran independently, kinda. This is the big question and it is very hard to address because people seem to just assume that “yes the audience/customer cares, or course they do, I do, so they will too”. Do you have any strategies that you use to help break the spell and really explore the hard questions?

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