This might take a while

Certainly the world is moving at an increasingly faster pace.

Clearly we have seen transformative new business models seemingly come out of nowhere to supplant industry incumbents.

Without a doubt, traditional sources of customer loyalty are being challenged in a rapid onslaught of ever-expanding options and innovative marketing techniques.

Yet, for many brands, it is still very much the case that relationships and trust matter.  And those precious assets are rarely earned quickly.

Despite the publication of Permission Marketing well over a decade ago, too many brands fail to follow the basics of Seth’s admonitions.

Too many brands want to get married on the first date.  Too many brands fail to take the time to treat different customers differently.

Too many brands think quantity trumps relevance (I’m looking at you Groupon).  Too many brands think they can shift their customer base quickly (I’m looking at you JC Penney).

As the pace of change accelerates, you may be tempted to do everything faster. But if you have a business model that is anchored in trust, rooted in deep relationships and in building a growing permission-based asset, the right answer may well be to go more slowly and deliberately.

Yes, it might take a while. But it’s likely to be worth it.



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